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Amelia Ray


Membership No: NCS14 - 03822

I have diverse experience ranging from historical childhood sexual abuse. We can work to explore this in a safe space at your own pace as deep as you are able to. Identity issues like who am I? Why don't I fit in? Why do I feel different? We can explore your senses and feelings around your Identity.


Domestic violence can leave one feeling isolated and confused among other symptoms, we can use this space to make sense of what is really going on. Depression can leave one feeling joyless, hopefully by exploring its existence and beyond one can find an understanding of its existence.  Anxiety, Living an unfulfilled life, Feeling Isolated, Inability to form relationships and maintain them or Life’s meaning? These are some of the queries some client may seek an understanding for.


As Plato said, ’ The unexamined life is not worth living.’ As well as healing, therapy offers a space to understand yourself and the world. Therapy offers a person a reflective space away from friends family and colleagues with a skilled professional. Research shows that regardless of therapeutic orientation, fundamentally it’s the relationship with your therapist that offers the potential for transformation.


I follow a humanistic approach which means that I  believe that you as a person have within you the resources and capacity to grow and overcome your issues if you are enabled within a therapeutic environment.  I aim to ensure that we both work towards building a safe non judgemental environment based on trust and mutual respect where together we can explore the issues you bring to counselling.


I adopt an integrative style of counselling as I believe that each one of us is a unique individual and that not everyone would suit one particular style of therapy. By creating and nurturing this unique individualised style, we are both valuing your autonomy to Serene self development

"I understand that it can be hard to talk about issues that are distressing."

This is why I will make sure you are ready and that you can feel safe sharing your thoughts and feelings. My empathetic and compassionate presence in your difficult emotions, will allow you to experience yourself as a whole, but also more separate helping you to develop good boundaries and the ability to tolerate other’s emotions as well as your own.

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