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 Find your true sense of self, your serene self.

Life can sometimes feel extremely hard and difficult to navigate by ourselves, we may find ourselves feeling lonely even lost with no one to turn to. Friends and family may not be as understanding as we would have liked them to. Here at Serene self therapy, we can offer you that space and opportunity to explore your true being, regardless of gender, age, sexuality, social class or ethnicity. 

Amelia Ray

I am a passionate psychotherapist committed to offering high quality therapeutic counselling to all who seek it.


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Trauma Therapy 

(Historical & Current Sexual Abuse)

Art Therapy

Emotional Wellbeing

People who have experienced trauma often feel empty. They sense that there is something missing and the deeper connections they long to make elude them. The pain of trauma can interfere with your ability to find and keep the things that you value the most. Trauma therapy can help restore your spirit and refill your life with all the good things that have eluded you.


Trauma therapy is not just about treating symptoms. It is a journey of self discovery where you can find a more authentic, rewarding and enjoyable life. With individualised trauma counselling I can help you resolve your trauma and discover your inner strength, free from the wounds of childhood, you can find a new more connected and joyful self.

Trauma Can Cause:

Low Self Esteem

Lack of Meaning & Purpose

Trouble Controlling Anger & Other Emotions



Loneliness & Isolation

Lack of Fulfilment in Relationships

Identity Issues

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